Turtles watching

This trip consists of accompanying the monitoring of female sea turtles about to lay their eggs in the beaches of Príncipe Island, between September and April. You´ll get learn about sea turtles and the conservation of this threatened species. If you´re lucky enough to watch a female laying her eggs or her young being hatched, it is certainly an unforgettable experience.

PRINCIPE  -  Duration : 16H30 - 19H00 and 20H30 - 23H30

SAO TOME  - Duration: Between 20H00 and 02H00 

Starting Point


  • Praia inhame
  • Jale ecoresort
  • Mucumbli
  • Morro Peixe


  • Bom Bom Resort
  • Sundy Beach
  • Sundy Roça
  • Belo Monte 
  • Makaira
  • Santo Antonio City*

 Maximum 5 person per group

NOTE: Flashlight and camera (limited use during patrol)

Base Price: 

Turtles Watching São Tomé Principe
Price per Person 30€ pp   55€ pp