View from Pico São Tomé (Gago Coutinho)


Climbing peak of São Tomé

Pico de São Tomé is the highest mountain in São Tomé and Príncipe at 2,024 metres. It lies just west of the centre of São Tomé Island in the Obo National Park and is inside Lembá District due west of the district boundaries of Cantagalo and Caué as well as the village of Bombaim and due east of Santa Catarina. The second highest point, Pico Ana Chaves, lies to its south east.

The mountain is clad in forest. On the lower slopes are plantations of coffee and cocoa, and higher up are large trees swathed in orchids, lichens and other epiphytes. The upper parts of the mountain are often swathed in mist. It can be climbed from two sides. One way starts above the Ponta Figo plantation and necessitates a camp at Pico Mesa at 1,875 m (6,152 ft). The summit can then be reached in about an hour before descending via Carvalho to the Bombaim Plantation house. The other route ascends from the botanic garden at Bom Sucesso to Carvalho where there is a rest area and camping facilities. On the next day, the summit can be reached with a descent being made to Ponta Figo. The ascent can be made in a single eighteen hour hike from Ponta Figo, but this does not allow much time for viewing the flora and fauna. The trek is not difficult but the often rainy weather tends to make the path very slippery.

Tour Description:

The trekking starts early in the morning from one of the chosen starting points, which will then be informed to the customer. To reach the starting point, depending on where the customer is lodging, a transfer (Extra Cost) may be required.

For climbing in 1 day, the route is all done in no-stop mode in an 18-hour hike.

For climbing in 2 days, the route is made on the first day, with several climbs and descents and rest at night in a rest point and the final climb is made on the second day and descent.

Duration: 1 or 2 days ( Customer must Choose)

Start time: 7:00 am


PICO SAO TOME 2024 Mt 2 days 1 Day
1 Person 310€ 150€
2 Persons 360€ 170€
3 Persons 450€ 200€
4 Persons 540€ 260€
5 Persons 610€ 300€
6 Persons 680€ 320€


Includes: Guide, Tent, Sleeping bed, meals, water

Policies & disclaimers

  • The minimum number of people required to start the tour is 1 person.
  • Meals price is included in the rate.